Meet Our Staff

  • Pastor "Dac" Croasmun

    "Dac" has been pastoring in Anson and Union Counties since 2004 and has served the Lord here at Trinity since 2013. He is married to Kari and they have two children, Luke and Gracie.

  • Thomas Lockamy, Minister of Praise & Worship

    Thomas, who we lovingly refer to as "Choir Master" has been a member of Trinity since 1990. He has a great love for the Lord and music.

  • Dr. Donnie Gamble, Admin. Associate

    Donnie and Judy Gamble have been married for nearly 48 years. Pastor Donnie, who has served churches in the two Carolinas as well as in the state of Florida, began his ministry at Trinity. He was saved through the preaching of God's Word when Trinity was a young church in 1972. Later, he was ordained to the Gospel Ministry by Trinity.  

  • Ric Atwell, Youth Director

    Ric is a teacher at Hickory Grove Baptist Church Private School. He is married  to Andrea and has three children,  Alexia, Brooke and Cooper. The family joined Trinity in 2013.

  • Donna Hyatt, Treasurer

    Donna is a teacher with Union County Public Schools. She has been a member of Trinity and served the Lord here since 1980. She has two children, Nicole Coan and Eli.